Singer-songwriter-actress Jill Scott praised an article I penned, “Jill Scott’s Marriage Is Not A ‘Win’” twice on Twitter:



Grace Carrington, Deconstructing My Fairy Tale:

“Working with Driadonna to edit my memoir, Deconstructing My Fairy Tale, was a rewarding and enriching experience. Driadonna truly listened to my needs as a writer. I was so impressed by her ability to maintain the integrity of my storyline and the character’s emotions while enhancing the reader’s experience. Through her creative vision and guidance she pushed me for ‘more.’

She said, ‘The reader wants more.’ With that say, I added a completely new chapter to my memoir, (the last chapter), which is honestly my favorite chapter. My readers received more honesty and transparency, which transformed the entire project.

Ms. Roland is patient, supportive, and sensitive to the writer’s passion. She was beyond committed to helping me visualize my dream of publishing my book.

I look forward to collaborating with Driadonna on my next book.”