ESSENCE.COM | Curly Commentary: ‘My Boyfriend Encouraged Me To Go Natural.’

A look at the so-called “Photos of You” on Facebook is misleading. I’ve had so many different looks you can’t tell it’s the same girl!

Clutch Mag | The Bachelor: Will We Ever See a Bachelor or a Bachelorette Who is Not White?

I suppose we should thank Vh1 for giving people of color a vehicle to compete for “love.” Because according to Mike Fleiss, creator of “The Bachelor” franchise, it won’t happen on his show.

Clutch Mag | My First Time

“The first time I was called the ‘n word’ was in Pre-K by a girl named Leslie,” said my friend Mandy. “She said to me, ‘My skin is light, your skin is dark, and that makes you a nigger.’ ”

Vibe Vixen | What’s Mine is Mine! Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Mix Your Man and Your Money

Summer’s the perfect time to treat yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t let your nurturing nature get in the way!

Vibe Vixen | Be Honest: Did Hitting Chris Brown Make Drake More Manly?

I’ve seen him in concert and shouted his lyrics at the top of my lungs. But when my boyfriend bought Drizzy’s 2011 effort, Take Care, I yelled at him repeatedly to “turn that emo crap off!”